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Staircase Design

Sometimes, the surplus becomes a problem. You have so many new and new ideas to choose from, that you somehow loses itself in it. This is true for many areas, as well as the design of stairs. A few years ago, there were some solutions that were considered standard. Now it looks different. The designer and luxury variants strive for new solutions. To make a representative place in the House, from the stairwell. Today we want to present some creative solutions for your staircase design.

In no case we claim that this article covers all essential options of this design. We need to awaken your interest for new and new ideas.

Staircase design - contrast of light and dark

When you staircase fashion, have to its originality not necessarily due to the complicated design away. You can contact on the contrasts of light and shadow. It is a unique and beautiful image.

Easier swing

Here is a more elegant staircase design. Without great complications and with a little swing you reach a very high character. Beautiful stairwell decorations are even better by good lighting.

Floating steps and railings a waiver

Some home owners would like to make your staircase to an impressive eye-catcher for every day. Set to the open staircase design and floating stage construction. In some cases, inserting a glass wall. So to get the appearance of floating and still has the necessary security that you want. Another alternative is the lattice-shaped lateral protection.

Original colour design

You want to make your staircase original and to spend much money? There is a great and easy way to do this. Put on the original coloured design. You find many great ideas on the Internet. We keep the ideas in the patchwork look very interesting. And you?

Vintage and antique

The staircase can be in the middle of a vintage or antique staircase design. It serves as a wonderful centre piece in this context. It is here important to remember in what aspect of your staircase design should modern and look where-traditionally. You must be modern in the processing of materials and all measures which put on security. You should be traditional in appearance which you are aiming at.

Inspiring design

The previous examples were more or less creative. The next are openly luxurious. You have also a more common feature: show a fascinating artistic design. In some of the staircases you can see brilliant works of art, or they can be referred to themselves as such.

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