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Carpets Properly Select And Insert Style

Patterned oriental carpets, stylish graphic pattern or natural fabric - the selection of different carpets is enormous. Color, pattern and structure of the model affect the atmosphere of the entire room. They are awkwardly chosen, act quickly uncomfortable rooms. Learn how to find the right carpet and most beautiful place.

The mere selection of rugs is already confusing. Many people access to the model that like out best from the abdomen. But often the rugs are too small, the color too vigorously or the form inappropriate. You can however, also unlike proceed and find the perfect carpet for its own purpose with some consideration. At the beginning you may be wondering: what function fills the room and how big he is? And also the placement of the furniture should already be established. Which you can get then on the search options. A good runner or an oriental carpet bring pure coziness in your home.

Size, color and shape - a rug for every situation

To make a room harmoniously, the execution of the carpet is especially important. To small models are lost in space and look out of place, to large Express can be overloaded to work a room. Many make the mistake to rely on your eye at the time of purchase.

It is worth but once before to measure the area that should be covered, or to cover with crepe to, imagine the situation. The colour, however, completely depends on your decor and your personal preference. When the textiles take up the colors of the room, it acts particularly harmoniously and comfortably. The same applies for the form. Under a round dining table, a circular carpet is excellent. Fortunately, there are carpets in the different versions.

Under sofas, beds and dining tables - as carpets and furniture are correctly

For the placement of carpets, there are some basic rules that you can keep for a harmonious body. Generally speaking, that the large and small floor mats are excellent, to separate individual functional areas of a room to connect the pieces of furniture, so that they are not lost. You can experiment but also to overlap several rugs. Otherwise, placement is also strongly dependent on the size of a room. Is only little space, it is advisable to lay the carpet with some distance in front of the sofa. So the constellation is more spacious and it is arranged for an optical separation. Otherwise it looks with more space: here, the carpet is ideally placed under the front feet of the furniture piece. Large seating areas should stand completely on a mat. Make sure always to a certain symmetry, to bring calm in the room. Similarly, a carpet under and on the bed. Large rooms can be decorated with large models like to, then all four posts of the bed and side tables should be noted.

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