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The Persian Carpet As The Center Of The Decorative Concept

How can I choose a suitable rug

For many people, the world of Persian carpets is overwhelming and mysterious. Trying to understand how one could determine within the many goods which products have the best quality for this very reason.

What should you do?

Before you begin, take some time to determine the appropriate size and color of your Persian rug. You would save much time and trouble in the showroom itself. May draw a rough sketch of your room, in which you want to create the Persian carpet.

Persian rug in the dining room

Oriental carpet oriental rug Persian rug

The purchase of a Persian rug for the dining room represents a special case. In this situation, its dimensions are the main orientation for this carpet. You should leave enough space for the chairs.

You certainly don't want that these are half on the carpet, half on the bare floor, or? Overlapping with the edge looks certainly ugly.

Had you even thought about Persian carpet stair runner? Yes, that works most of the time very well. This is the number of stages of fundamental importance.

From decorative point of view

Persian rugs oriental rug Persian rug

If you want to integrate a Persian rug in your interiors, then he should be best at the heart of your decorative concept. So advise most designers. The reason is very convenient. The Persian carpet will be expected to be the longest in the region.

The other textures and fabrics are usually cheaper and easier to replace much.

The main criteria for the selection of the Persian carpet

Next, we want to list you on the usual main criteria for the selection of a Persian carpet. Then we share like clarifying info about it.

You should be aware especially on the following five points:

Oriental rugs Persian rugs Persian rug oriental rug

Many people lost in the counting of node carpets. It is one talked just very often, this is the most important criterion for the quality. This truth is relative. The number of nodes depends very much on the running motifs.

Some are simple and are therefore made with much less nodes. More complicated figures require up to 300 knots. So, it depends on the design.

What matters instead is the weaving technique. The quality is the closer and more uniform, the better. Also the resilience and sustainability of carpets hang closely together.

Where are Persian rugs from?

Oriental rugs Persian carpet Persian rug

The country of origin of a Persian carpet is very important, yet not so decisive for the quality. It may be that pieces from one or the other country better enroll in your ideas of aesthetics. Then the targeted search would be much more practical, according to a Persian carpet from a concrete country because it saves you time.

However, we would advise you to look for models from all the countries that traditionally produce the best Persian carpets, - Pakistan, India, Turkey, China, Tibet, Nepal. Because it is more on the individual design and the originality as to nationality.

The fashion trends and the development of the Persian carpet

Also the Persian carpet production remains not far away from the general fashion and design trends. Especially when the main colours, the most direct reference to be felt. For example, it has produced the models in the 60-ies primarily in Orange, Brown and green.

Modern or classic?

Persian rugs Persian rug oriental rug

Here, it is important, however, to say that the preference for such tendencies is not always convenient. Experience shows that the classic models get their original high value much longer. You could become more expensive due to the historical nature even with the time.

These remarks show the topic "Age" and "decorative" claim in a Persian carpet are as relative. You can increase the value of such a piece or a reduction. Consider everything in perspective, to make possible correct assessments.

How do we proceed in practice?

Persian rugs oriental rug Persian rugs

How do we now apply this knowledge in practice? We believe you should start first with the comparison of different carpets and carpet sellers. Get an overview about what will be offered for quality and styles. Now determine your preferences and also create a framework, what about the prices.

Not put themselves under pressure. If the price of the ideal piece is slightly too high, or but you still found not the ideal model, then you wait something. It's ultimately an investment which has long to serve you.

Evaluate the seller even then, what is on offer for a service after the purchase. The care of a Persian carpet is not necessarily the easiest matter. You should this project with a professional support.

We now briefly summarize what I have just said. A good evaluation of the Persian carpet should include art, individuality, size, age and sustainable quality and design. The terms and conditions for purchasing and services then should be reasonable. Good choice, you have a piece, which the price will be higher with the time in the end.

You should have in the selection of the Persian carpet the feeling that this could be to the soul of your room.

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