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Tips on how to properly overlap carpets in the living room

Searching for matching carpets is a complicated matter. You should buy something only if you are sure that the carpet fits your space perfectly. Therefore, many criteria play a role. Include color, texture and size are of course.

Carpet living room - how one should overlap the carpets?

This can be the solution to many problems. Through this combination, we can sometimes more easily decorate our living room. If we act properly, we mate just their advantages and hide some of the disadvantages.

So far, all is well! But how can you be sure that the whole thing is not wrong. Then, one has at the end of two or three incompatible carpets for the living room and needs more.

Don't worry! You can avoid this situation by following some important rules. Here they are:

Expand the top surface

Sometimes, we find precisely the right carpet from the aesthetic point of view. This part of the surfaces can remain in the one or other corner uncovered. How could you make something good? Take a second carpet which fits to the first. Lay them instead of in the Middle, at the point where the uncovered floor area is.

Are corresponding nuances

There are many ways to look the carpets laid one above the other in the living room. One of the rules of thumb is that both pieces should have as much as possible with corresponding colors. This means that they are from the same color palette.

Adaptation to the new season

Usually different types of carpets fits the different seasons. The Exchange can be really troublesome. Thank God, he is not the only solution. Set up another for the winter season on the thin carpet in the living room, which is smaller and warmer.

Space in small apartments

The overlapped carpets can contribute to the visual layout in a small apartment. You can interpret a neutral piece as a base. A small exotic rug can then note the "living area" and the other - the "bedroom".

The previous ideas were meant for the versions with two carpets. But what happens if you want to superimpose several carpets? This can also work. You need to remember only that the top piece plays the leading role in the design. The others including must correspond in colour and shape it.

Do you fancy a slightly risky idea that might work but fabulous? For sale, buy many different small carpets. Choose those which you feel, they would fit well in your home. Make it first worry if you are not sure where you need to put this.

Combine them in the rooms as if you had to do it with a jigsaw puzzle. There is no guarantee that you can accommodate everything, and it works well. Most of the time it does however and it makes a lot of fun!

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