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Tips on how to properly overlap carpets in the living room

Searching for matching carpets is a complicated matter. You should buy something only if you are sure that the carpet fits your space perfectly. Therefore, many criteria play a role. Include color, texture and size are of course.

Rugs and runners are much more than just for grannies

The craft of carpet weaving is an ancient invention of man. When the Romans and the ancient Greeks, every woman has mastered the technique of weaving.

In the middle ages, we lose the traces of weaving wool, for the tradition of the Gobelins was well preserved, which have adorned the walls of the stone castles.

Carpets are charming not only with their motives

Silk fibers are an unforgettable experience for the haptic sense

The maids have woven then complicated motives. The motifs were often associated with battles and victories.

Among people with well pronounced continental climate, the weaving and knotting of carpets was a necessity. Walls and floors were covered so better to store heat in the rooms. Later, the carpet becomes a luxury object.

Rugs liven up the modern interior design

The comfort is also by the grays right

Each room is gaining colorful carpets joy of life through the

Rugs and runners can be made from wool, silk, flax, and also synthetic fabrics. In our time, in which everything is automated, still many beautiful carpets by hand are produced. Most commonly used silk.

The shelf life of a carpet depends on many factors. Quality hand work and the choice of organic materials and colors can result in a valuable carpet. Some carpets are over 300 years old. The older of the carpet, the higher the price.

Carpets are synonymous with luxury and culture

Despite modern technology be accompanied by half of carpets by hand

The origin of the rug is very controversial. The most famous carpets come from Persia. All nomadic peoples have woven and knotted. Rugs and runners were thrown about tents, laid over the saddle, used as a swing for the children, as bags designed to. Rugs and runners were a necessity of life. Later it starts embroidered, weave designed motifs and forms and the carpet is an object of comfort and even luxury.

Contemporary carpet design combines traditional craftsmanship and high technology

Rugs and runners are not only beautiful, but also practical refrigeration insulation and also insulates. An interesting fact is that in areas where there is a carpet, less dust accumulates a, because the carpet almost captured him.

A tradition that can stay forever alive and is passed from the mother to the daughter

The old tradition of manufacturing and trafficking with carpets is today still alive. Contemporary entrepreneurs combine an environmentally friendly production, traditional handwork and modern motifs. Designers, architects and manufacturers work together hand in hand and spread this beauty and cultural heritage throughout the world.

Are carpets something just for OMIS?

Never before, the carpet has had so much success as now

You can admire the most successful providers and designers determined at trade fairs

Rugs and runners in scene to put can be a masterpiece

If your budget allows it, you can make even your own personal carpet

The previous ideas were meant for the versions with two carpets. But what happens if you want to superimpose several carpets? This can also work. You need to remember only that the top piece plays the leading role in the design. The others including must correspond in colour and shape it.

Do you fancy a slightly risky idea that might work but fabulous? For sale, buy many different small carpets. Choose those which you feel, they would fit well in your home. Make it first worry if you are not sure where you need to put this.

Combine them in the rooms as if you had to do it with a jigsaw puzzle. There is no guarantee that you can accommodate everything, and it works well. Most of the time it does however and it makes a lot of fun!

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